Eurovariety 2013

"Smarter teaching – better learning"



EuroVariety 2013

"Smarter teaching – better learning"

University of Limerick, 3-5 July 2013


(Deadline for abstract submission has been extended to March 15th)

This conference, run under the a
uspices of the EuCheMS Division of Chemical Education and the RSC Higher Education Group, is concerned with the teaching and learning of Chemistry at third (university and college) level. Papers may deal with the practice of teaching Chemistry or with research into the teaching and learning of Chemistry at degree or postgraduate level. This includes the secondary-tertiary transition, the promotion of Chemistry to increase the uptake into third level Chemistry courses, and the training of chemistry teachers. The overall theme "Smarter teaching – better learning" indicates an emphasis on the use of research findings to improve the teaching and learning of Chemistry. The Eurovariety conferences follow the tradition of the UK Variety in Chemistry Education (ViCE) conferences in encouraging chemists involved in teaching Chemistry at third level to share their experiences with and learn from colleagues from other institutions and other countries.

As well as invited plenary lectures there will be oral and poster presentations.

Conference themes:

  • The secondary-tertiary transition
  • Promotion and outreach activities
  • Inquiry-based teaching and learning
  • Problem-based teaching and learning
  • Training teaching assistants and demonstrators
  • Training chemistry teachers at university
  • Induction and CPD for chemistry lecturers
  • Problems of teaching organic chemistry
  • Mathematics and chemistry
  • Work experience programme

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